I am an old soul, that comes from there, from Atlantis.  With the state of surrender, with feeling of freedom, sacrifice, devotion and love. The Elohim gave me the gift with frequency of colours and light, that affect on our subtle body and our aura. Also this influence us with a sense of satisfaction , peace and love. I am the way for light and love, for gift of enlightement. This gift allows me to materialize the idea, make cleasing, lead the soul into the light, give Jesus Christ´s light into everything I create. I can make protection and shield made from light. Where is the light, there is not dark. All my works materialize the love and light of the divine power.

I create works of art, full of love and light. You can see it on my uniqe paintings decorated with beautiful specific gemstones or unusual accessories, e.g. Angels of Love. They are made from mineral stones too. Each of my work is make with love and full of my energy. In each of my works there is everything you need for proper functioning and happy living.

My gift allows me setting up the etheric body, opening energy nodes and chakras, triggerring emotions and accompanying the souls. I also can cancel the curse and custody. I'm creating the protection for etheric body. I'm the light, I'm love. You must know that illness or injury is a gift from your ego and your mind. I can explain to you, why diseases are recurring and why everything is cycling. So with every visit, I give you knowledge and explanation of things in your life and i can increase the frequency of your being.

The next thing you have to know, that we ́ve come here to increase the frequency of our being, to want more love into our soul. All we can take with us after our life is the feeling of love or just harm and disappointment. It´s all up to you. More light or the lower frequency.  Nobody will judge us. We put yourselfs in to the depth of light, according frequency we radiate. We should realize, that our soul feels light, unconditional love, which gives us power, wings and desire to create , help and heal the other. With this process we incerase our frequency of being. This is the only reason, why we are still returning to the Earth and making a lot of tests for us. 

We ourselfs choose our parents, who will prepare us for hard time in future. Even if we think that our life is hard or bad, it was just on ourselfs, because we chose this way at the begining of our being . We only have to thanking our parents, that they are the best for us. We need to have a lot of love and understanding for them, because they create our pathway too.  And in some cases we must allow them to hurt us. 

Anyway, it ́s a big experience that enriches us and gives us chance to growth and decide, which way is the best for us. We can choose ego and mind, comfort proprietary life. Or we can choose love, light, charism and just listen to our self with stop hurting ourselfs. This is alpha and omega of our lives. To be wild and

free, helpful, full of light and love, with devotion and charism. 

Only one who enjoys the joy of the others, can be simply happy.

Only the one, who helps, only the one who gives out from pure love, can gets a lot. On the other hand, if we are hateful, evil and have some issues with people, we just distribute this bad energy to the others.

This is because, we don ́t act as we should. Eat in half, drink in half. Eat our temperature foods, to don ́t loose energy for heating or cooling it in the stomach. We think a lot, still loose energy, because we don ́t listen to our selfs. We can ́t make a decicion, we are afraid of the consequences. Just fear binds our hands, feer, throat, speech and our whole life. 

The fear is the worst emotionIt takes away our light and closes our energy knots, chakras. The fear is the only reason of our being. We were born to learn not to be afraid and not to own anything.

Only give out yourself and give a smile, love, tenderness, caress and light.