Artšamag's video

"This is a video in which I describe the reason why we are here and how our emotions affect us (also me, during my first shooting, feeling nervous ).
But I still wanted to give you these information, so you wouldn't hurt yourself.
The video carries energy and information about the chakras, and the effects of emotions and actions in our lives on our etheric body. Many examples, but for easy understanding. How we create our lives and trials, and why some situations, pains, and illnesses recur.
One day, I said to myself, that it's too much for me. To call with each person for 3 hours every evening, explaining them about their chakras and emotions, together with the healing, opening the chakras, adjusting the etheric body, and cleansing them of frustrated souls. And the next day I received an opportunity from the angels and Krishna to say it all, but in live broadcast. This video carries a message, and has a strong energy that it radiates. It helps you to easily understand the effect of emotions on our body, and at the same time heals you and increases your Frequency of Being.
Thank you for your time, sharing, subscription, and like. Anyone who contacts me for help, should watch my first video. 

With respect and love, Artšamag."

!! Turn on the english subtitles. !!