1. chakra MULADHARA- Root chakra

The word Muladhara is two Sanskrit (Indo-Aryan) words:

Mula = root
Adhara = support, base

Muladhara is located near the coccyx or pelvic bone. Due to its location and connection to the act of excretion, it is connected to the rectum. Muladhara is considered to be the base of the chakras, from which three main channels emanate: Ida, Pingala and Sushumna.

It is symbolized by a red lotus with a yellow square (symbol of the earth) and four petals.

Each petal has one of the Sanskrit syllables: vaṃ, sham, sham, and sam.

1. वं vaṃ:  the greatest joy - dharma (psycho-spiritual desire)

2. शं śaṃ:  natural pleasure - artha (psychic desire)

3. षं ṣaṃ:   the joy of controlling passion - kama (physical desire)

4. सं saṃ:  bliss in concentration - moksha (desire for spiritual liberation)

In its center is a triangular with a snake - the symbol of the kundalini.

Kundalinī Shakti (spiritual energy) has its roots in the Mūlādhāra chakra, but it is in deep, immovable sleep. Upon awakening, there will be healing, rejuvenation, knowledge of light, achievement of enlightenment and spiritual self-realization, the possibility of healing, and victory over sexuality and respect for virtue. Liberation from sins - selfishness, and life in a spirit of joy.

After the awakening of the kundalini and the opening of the chakras, the chakras are connected to the Divine energy network, also with the help of Artšamag's energy and his enlightened creation of angels (jewels and paintings) from minerals.

The elephant symbolizes a great sleeping force with 7 trunks - which symbolize 7 vital minerals:

1. Carnelian
2. Calcite
3. Citrine
4. Rose quartz
5. Larimar
6. Crystal
7. Amethyst

The first chakra refers to the actions and emotions of the human being. When it is open and works harmoniously, we experience a deep connection with the earth and its creatures, vitality, contentment, stability and inner strength.

Closed by: fear of death, fear of the mortgage, stress at work, self-ignorance, materialism, smoking, drinking, drugs, gluttony

Addiction: hedonism, inhumanity, ignorance of oneself, fear of matter

Associated diseases: colon problems, excretion problems, incontinence, prostate diseases, mobility problems, foot, knee, joint diseases

Recommended minerals: carnelian, black tourmaline, hematite, garnet, ruby

Examples of diseases caused by closed root chakra:

You are looking for something that would relieve you of pain, stress or anxiety. You are afraid that somewhere deep down you are not a good person. You are running away from problems. You cannot love and accept yourself.

Drug addiction
- you need encouragement that will save you, overwhelm the pain and help you manage everything
- an escape from life's difficulties
- inability to manage something, to ask for help
- fear of the unknown

- suppressed anger that you have nowhere to release
- you punish yourself
- boredom, stagnation, depression
- an escape route
- you are thinking too much
- you are drowning in problems that you have caused yourself, you would rather postpone them than solve them

Overweight, fatness, obesity
- guilt, shame, repressed emotion
- you feel vulnerable, unattractive, depressed, inferior, unbalanced, unmotivated, rigid
- you are holding in yourself pain and anger from the past
- you try to silence your feelings by overeating
- you're punishing yourself with food

- you feel unable to control yourself 
- you have accumulated emotions that you need to release
- you are anxious, timid, overwhelmed
- you doubt yourself, you have a strong sense of guilt
- you are stressed by holding negativity and suffering

Stretch marks
- you feel strained
- you can't handle the future
- you do not feel comfortable in your skin
- you judge yourself and your body too strictly
- you resist change

Death (fear of it)
- you are attached to your body and physical life
- you are not ready to move to the next stage as a soul, you lack trust, faith
- you feel like you haven't finished somehing in your life yet