Artšamag - Mário Kučera
Artšamag - Mário Kučera

Artšamag is an old soul, that comes from Atlantis. With the state of surrender, with feeling of freedom, sacrifice, devotion and love, Artšamag received a gift. Gift of healing. Artšamag passed very difficult tests in his life...and he received this power as a gift after he came to enlightment through humility. This power allows him to materialize a thought, make cleansing, lead the soul into the light, set up the etheric body, open the chakras, trigger emotions, and give Jesus Christ's light into everything he creates.
He can also cancel the curse, and create protection and shield of light for the etheric body. Artšamag is the way of light and love. And where is light, there is no darkness. Throughout life he has come to knowledge of the essence of our being and he understood the effect of emotions and all perceptions on our ethereal and physical body.
Apart from this gift, the Elohim (architects) gave him a sense of the combination of minerals, colors, and light, a sense of feeling, tenderness, and love. And that is the essence of feeling, because in the most subtle feeling, is the uncondicional love.

Artšamag comes from Slovakia, where he helped many people in his sanctuary, and is still helping them from a distance.
He is now living on Canary Islands, because his soul told him to come there, and he listened. He opened a little store there where he is creating and selling his jewelry and paintings from minerals as a protection for people.
His works of art are made with love, and are full of light and energy.

But the main and most important reason why he is here is to help people.
He never judges people and he is helping everyone who asks him for help. He can heal people not only from physical pain and problems, but also mental. He will open your chakras with his energy, explain to you everything about your emotions and cause of your health problems, and he will help you to fight fear and show you the right path in your life.

He can help you and heal you also from a distance, so it doesn't mater if you live on the other side of the world. If you will write him, he will keep contact with you and help you whenever you need it. You can also write him even if you just want to ask something. He will be glad to help you with any problem or worry you have.

Of course, you don't have to belive in this...but you might start to believe when you will feel positive changes in your health and life.