Sickness and pain are the result of our emotions, and the emotions are deeply connected to our chakras.
Chakras are energy centers in the body and each of them has assigned different organs and psychological characteristics of a person. If the chakras are in balance, we are happy and healthy. But we can close the chakras with negative emotions such as fear, anger, envy, and sadness. And if even one of our chakras is closed, it will stop the flow of energy in our body and affect our organs and neighboring chakras.
And the negative emotions are caused by not listening to our soul, but our mind. The mind is always giving us fears by going back to the past to bad memories, or too far into the future, making us feel depressed or worthless. But if you would listen to your soul, you would know that there's no reason to feel afraid or uncertain, because our life is already set and everything will be like it's supposed to be. Universe has a big power and it knows what it's doing.




6. chakra AJNA- Third eye chakra



4. chakra ANAHATA- Heart chakra



3. chakra MANIPURA- Solar plexus chakra