2. chakra SVADHISTHANA- Sacral chakra

Sva = self
adhishthana = settled (place)
Svadhishthana = own home

It is home to Sarasvatithe goddess of music and art.

Svadhishthana - is the place of the subconscious, which contains all the experiences of our present life since the beginning of our existence in the mother's womb.

It's located at the lower end of the sacrum.
It has six petals, which symbolize bad qualities, that we must overcome to purify this chakra:

1. बं baṃ: 

2. भं bhaṃ:    hate

3. मं maṃ:      jealousy

4. यं yaṃ:       cruelty

5. रं raṃ:        lust

6. लं laṃ:        pride

Inward-turned petals are karma.
Outward-facing petals are a symbol of consciousness.

Inside this lotus is a white moon crescent- it represents the connection of the energy of the moon with water. The moon also relates to the feminine menstrual cycle, never-ending change and constant movement, and the water is also a symbol of hidden danger. Water is loose and pliable, but full of immense power if it gets out of control. It's the same with the energy of the Svadhisthana chakra.

The animal symbol of this chakra is a crocodile - it means callousness, strength, intuitiveness, honor, bravery, creation, danger that is unawakened. Crocodile represents the duality of strength and weakness in all living creatures. Its outer scales are rock-solid, but the alligator's underbelly is one of its most sensitive, vulnerable areas.

If we don't have it under control:

The negative qualities of this chakra that prevent us from developing are: laziness, fear, doubts, vengeance, envy, greed, anger

Negative aspects: thinking, egocentricism, alcohol addiction, poor eating habits, rude behavior

If we have it under control:

Positive qualities: intelligence, creativity, acumen and personality development, joy, trust and hope, self-confidence and the power of action

The deity of this chakra is Brahma, the Creator of the universe, and his daughter Sarasvati, the Goddess of Wisdom and Art.

Sense: Taste

Organs: kidneys, internal genitals, bladder, digestive juices, prostate

Closed by: fear of sexuality, fear of infertility and subsequent pregnancy, dissatisfaction in the sex sphere, fear of failure

Associated diseases: impotence, frigidity, bladder problems, lower back pain, low libido

Recommended minerals: carnelian, calcite, moonstone, labradorite, coral, fire opal, chalcedony

Examples of diseases caused by closed sacral chakra:

- you feel angry, upset, rejected
- you do not trust your sexuality and you are not satisfied with it
- you feel insecure, unsupported, scared
- you are very critical of sex, you are afraid of intimacy
- you have low self-esteem
- someone you loved hurt you
- you feel vulnerable, guilty, ashamed, unworthy of love, depressed
- you deny joy and pleasure for yourself
- you have unresolved issues with your mother, wife, girlfriend...

- you feel submissive, stiff, ashamed, oppressed, helpless, guarded
- you feel a lack of certainty, trust and security
- you deny your own masculinity
- you don't know how to express your feelings
- you carry a deep-rooted feeling of disappointment, anger and guilt

Urinary tract infection
- you are trying to find someone to blame for your problems or mistakes
- you feel angry, upset, bitter
- you carry a tremendous amount of guilt and fear
- you feel sexual pressure and shame
- you can't assert yourself and say no
- you allow others to manipulate and control you

Candiosis and mycosis
- self-questioning
- you feel distracted, frustrated, trapped, obscured
- your partner frustrates you, you blame your partner or someone close to you
- you are angry because you do not have what you want, but you refuse to change or take steps towards change
- you are not able to trust people and rely on them

- cold energy around the uterus
- you feel rejected, abandoned, inferior
- you suppress pain, emptiness, regret, sadness, loss, suffering and dissatisfaction
- you feel that something is missing in your life
- fear of not having a baby

Fertility (fear of conceiving a child)
- you are afraid of losing your independence
- you do not feel supported
- you are not sure if you will be a good parent
- you have limited ideas about parenthood
- unresolved issues from your own childhood
- you are blocking the process of conception by a desperate attempt to conceive
- you feel angry, angry and offended that you cannot conceive or you are afraid that you are unable to conceive
- you feel addicted and irritated that other people may have children and you may not
- self-criticism, lack of fun, distrust of life, you will not allow yourself to enjoy a relationship with children