New protective angels from Artšamag, which you can wear in your pocket or purse.
It is a combination of essential oils, minerals, and energy from Artšamag, that's creating these essences of high protection and encouragement. They will relieve you of stress and harmonize your chakra system. Inhaling this essence will protect not only your etheric...



Angels from Artšamag, which are made of minerals, are full of love, light, and the energy of the universe that helps to heal, cure, and get you rid of the pain. They can cleanse you sins from the past lives, and also from this life. These protective angels have a high vibration of love that together with...



Mineral works, such as statues, jewel- boxes, various shape groupings of minerals, hangers for chains and angels, are used to clean the house, the space where they are located, and also to charge small items such as bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants, chains, medallions.



These paintings are works full of information, to help us realize our Self. They are light, love, charisma, enlightenment, hope, awareness of self-love, protection and spirituality.