These paintings are works full of information, to help us realize our Self. They are light, love, charisma, enlightenment, hope, awareness of self-love, protection and spirituality.

They are designed to reduce pathogenic zones and electromagnetic smog, thanks to the minerals that create the painting. They are carriers of the high frequency of love of Being. They are a source of energy that accumulates in minerals. Minerals, by their structure, chemical composition, and frequency of color, then radiate this energy into the environment where it affects our etheric body and gives us strength, vitality, a healing process, and a feeling of harmony, happiness and love. 

The frequency of love is created on the emotional level and ability of Artšamag, who received the gift of enlightenment and the opening of the 3rd eye from the angelic architects Elohim, to help people on Earth. During the creation of his paintings, Artšamag is guided by his soul, which is connected to the universe, and the spiritual masters. And as a result, during the creation of his works, he receives information about what minerals and colors he should use, and what purpose the painting should fulfill for the person or family for whom the painting is created.
These works affect humans, animals, all beings, and also the energies of lost and frustrated souls. The paintings work on all energy levels of tenderness, emotion and love. They work on the basis of a subconscious perception of their power and energy, but also with an awareness of their purity and beauty.

They are the protectors of light and love, which in the place where the painting is located, will not allow harm of spiritual, black, or any other magic. They are the protectors of the home, who will not let in any souls or negative energies.

At the same time, these paintings are works that increase the frequency of Being and make your soul aware that it should go into the light. They are the gateway to the light for the energies that remain on this Earth.

Artšamag has the gift of the ability to heal and get you rid of pain, which is also connected to all his works that he has created.
Through the meditation of Artšamag, they receive purification, light and love, which they constantly radiate to the environment where they are. When you are close to this painting, then you are able to reduce pain by thinking of Artšamag and his words, and induce a feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

These works are fluorescent and phosphorescent elements, emitting light of different color frequencies into the environment through minerals, whose color frequency, structure, and chemical composition create the extraterrestrial energy of light and unconditional love. This love is the energy of Jesus Christ.

These paintings will allow you to create an oasis of peace, love and home in the bedroom, in the living room or entrance hall, in your office and work, in the gym...wherever it can affect the harmony and etheric body of people, open the 3rd eye and help people fulfill the meaning of their Being.
Paintings can be hung in places where one works with the spiritual, purification, or body, where people influence others with their love and teach them an understanding of yoga and purification. In places where reside pensioners who need to purify their soul and have information and connection with the spiritual world and love.

Nature created minerals for us, to help people, so their beauty can caress our souls and give us a feeling of contentment and love. Minerals help us set up the chakras, the subtle etheric body and the aura. At the same time, these works are an indicator of the owner's spiritual maturity. This means that by purchasing a painting, one increases the charisma and frequency of Being (the only reason why we are here).

We offer the opportunity to increase this frequency and give more light to your soul, to fulfill your soul's path and reason for existence here on Earth. This can be achieved by creating a "shrine", an oasis of rest, accumulation of energy and spiritual light, to help people who need to open their eyes and feelings. Because the soul and ego give us information through the body in the form of disease and harm, but many people don't understand it, and don't even know that it's information...that pain and disease is a gift of ego and mind, because we are not listening to our selves, which directs us with conscience, love and light to humility, charisma and love. We should be happy about the joy of others and be in self-love.

Paintings on canvas, glass, gypsum board - plasterboard built anywhere on any base...above the fireplace, or a sculpture directly on the wall, into a soft block. (HEBEL, SYPOREX block, YTONG, PORFIX soft block, or STYRODUR polystyrene board)