With respect and humility, thank you for visiting my website.

In the way of life I have come to knowledge of the essence of our being and understand the effects of emotions and all perceptions on our ethereal subtle and physical body - vitality.

The high effect of minerals, frequency of light and smell on the chakra system creates harmony of the whole, our attitude and behavior and vice versa. The combination of color and minerals make an original work signed by the seal of Artsamag, which is confirmation of the energy artwork of the prana carrier . These works of art delight the eye and soul, setting the aura and make a feeling of elegance, astonishment, miracle and emitting love and salutation - caressing the self with energy-grade prana.

Creation is timeless, created with full and new of the moon.

Creations of light are the messenger and protector of the Creator. They are the holders of the light of love for healing this planet. They are guides on the journey of life in connection with the university and immediate, unrestricted love. They are an antenna to the medium in direct connection with the energy of light. They play high role in the realization of Self.

My works - paintings, jewelry and protectors have the ability to tell and help with your journey through life, to increase the frequency of being, by fulfilling the mission for this brief time on planet Earth. They are the way to boundaries of higher-dimension. At the same time, they help to lower the ego and mind to pull to a higher frequency of being, charism and love.


       The protective angels have a high vibration of love that together with the energy of Jesus Christ will provide you with the protection of your whole Being.

I make these angels especially for your personality, with the gems that are necessary for keeping open your chakras and current needs. Every selected gemstone is exactly for you. They are made with my energy and love.

Your whole Being is covered by the light of high vibration of the heavenly spheres, and your whole etheric body is protected by the love of Jesus Christ.

The angels harmonize your whole system of chakras, and especially the heart chakra. They will purify the subtle energies of the etheric body and unlock the chakras, therefore, your whole Self will rise to higher levels of love, compassion, empathy, goodness, joy and happiness.





    An image is a changing element that depends on the angle of view. It is an image of the soul and feelings of action. It can transform negative energies and eliminate, reduce the effects of electromagnetic smog and create harmony, increase the frequency of being in the direction of setting the feeling of satisfaction, love and progress. 

These works change their appearance, change thought processes and help us to heal and to increase the harmony, satisfaction of their self. Every day they send us love from the Creator and thus give us light into our homes. They are supplemented with minerals to increase the effect of the aid and the number of angels. They are designed to heal the aura, spirit and set the chakra system.