With respect and humility, thank you for visiting this webpage!

This webpage is about Artšamag, a Holder of Cosmic Energy and an artist, who is endowed with the ability to heal and cure, and who also creates unique works to help and protect people.

You can read here about him and his powers which he received as a gift, about his works, and his Sanctury in Slovakia. You can also read about chakras, minerals, and informations that will help you to understand the meaning of your life and path of your soul.

Artšamag currently lives in Gran Canaria. He has opened a store there, where he is creating and selling his works to people who want protection and love. But most importantly, it's a place where he is helping and healing people.
He can open your chakras, and then make you a diagnostic of the chakras, cleanse your soul, aura, and your head from other souls which are taking your energy, he can help you with physical and mental problems, explain to you everything about life, the reason why we are here, how are emotions affecting our body and mind, and everything you need to know to change, to live your life in love and light, and how to listen to your soul and heart. What he wants to show you is that when you are full of love, the love will always come back to you...and you will realize that with love and humility, your life is much more better and beutiful than ever before.

So! If you seek a help which no one could give you, if you are in pain or lost, you can come to see Artšamag. And at the same time, it will be a new start to realization of your Self, and finding the right path of your soul.

And if you live too far away and can't come to the store, don't worry. Artšamag can also help you from a distance.
You can contact him and he will do everything he can to help you. All he will need to help you from a distance is a photo of your face where he can see your eyes. Because the eyes are a way to the soul. If you have a family member or friend who needs help, don't hesitate to contact him as well!

Also, you can look at the photos of his store (sanctuary) located in Gran Canaria, and read about it to have a better idea of what kind of place it is!

And if you are interested, you can also read some reviews from grateful people whom he helped, and is still helping them.