Artšamag's sanctuary, which serves to help people, is located in Slovakia. It is a sacred place of light, love, hope, peace, healing of body and soul, where the frequency of light and love is based on the chakra system and grounding.
The sanctuary was enlightened by Elohim in 2014.

It is a place of awakening and "opening the eyes", where a person reevaluates one's life and releases emotional blocks with humility and love, thus changing the direction and path of one's life.

The basis is to become aware of one's Self at the frequencies of light, color, smell, minerals, sound, and humility- affirmations (since word and thought have a big power). Together they form a whole that loosens the blocks- the nodes, and thus opens the chakras, releases karma, and cleances the subtle, etheric, astral, mental, and causal body. It gives you vitality, increases libido and changes the acidic environment to alkaline, thus creating the conditions for organ regeneration, increasing the frequency of Being. And that is one of the reasons why we are here on Earth, to stop being afraid and to give more light and love to our souls.

Each chakra has its own place in this sanctuary.
The ceiling is in the shape of a pyramid and depicts the whole universe, which is made up of angels made of minerals, each assigned to each chakra. (based on light frequency and color)
The sanctuary is in the shape of a teardrop. Tear means humility and humility is the most important for self-awareness and healing. (tears cleanse the soul) Because when we are humble, we can accept self-love and love. And if we have self-love and are able to give love, it will change our life on a physical, mental and spiritual level, because a body without love is sick, blocked and unhealthy- constantly repeating the same harm based on our actions, behavior, and thinking.

Illness, injury, recurring unpleasant experiences, not being able to forgive and become humble, are only because of EGO and FEAR. The ego prevents us from realizing our Self and constantly forces us to think about the past that we cannot change, only to accept and learn that it is development and growth.

Injury, illness, and harm are a gift from our ego. By this gift- injury, the soul, as a result of our behavior and actions in the past, gives us information through our body...information that we are doing something wrong and to warn us that we are going the wrong direction...that we are not going our own way- the plan of our soul, our Being. 

The energy of the universe is love and light that we cannot receive because of fear, dishonest behavior, lies, anger, jealousy, pride, hatred, envy, selfishness, egocentrism, obsession, ambition, sex without love, indulgence, addiction, ignorance of one's Self, feeling of inferiority, frustration, fear of death, and in general, any fear we receive.
We are creating fear with constant returning to the past.

To surrender to God means to surrender to love and one's Self, and so did Artšamag.
He surrendered to God and love and found his Self that guided him, and still guides him, and as a result he became enlightened and was able to build this unique place on this Earth.

In this sanctuary, there is water from three springs that were also enlightened during the visit of the Elohim in 2014.
The sanctuary helps to spread love and awareness of your self
, and is also increasing the frequency of the Earth.

Artšamag currently works in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, on the street Bernardo de la Torre 55.