In 2014, this place was illuminated by the Elohim. The sanctuary is the work of Artšamag, located in Slovakia.  This sacred place is for helping people and frequency based on the chakra system. The base is  frequency of light, color, smell, minerals and music. Together, it forms a whole, that opens the chakra, clears the aura, set up the etheric body. Every chakra has its place in my sanctuary. The walls are decorated with beautiful angels made of gemstones. Each angel is unique. Here, every thought is materialized and the souls are passed into the light. 

 It is a place of the light, love, hope, peace, healing of the body and soul. Due to the strong flow of energy, the materialization of the thought, and other parts of the sanctuary, we can easily achieve the healing process.

All you have to do is listen to what I want to show you in my words.  Then I can lead you, where you made a mistake in your life and how to avoid them in the future.