My Divine Self gives me everything I need on a mental and physical level.
My Divine Self gives me absolute protection and safety.
My Divine Self fills me with joy and love, strength and vitality.

I am endless peace, I am infinite love. I am the absolute, the absolute is in me. Like a drop of water in the sea.

I have nothing, not even this body, I don't know anything, not even my name, and I don't want anything. God, let Your will be done, so I pass myself to you.

Thank you, God, for my Being, that I'm living, breathing, and am able to thank you.

The endless life energy fills my Divine Self with every breath.
The endless life 
energy dissolves and takes away everything negative from my Self with every exhale.

I forgive all, who hurt me, consciously and unconsciously.
I forgive myself in this life, and in past lives too.

(Now, say the name of the person you want to forgive)
-Name-, I give you freedom, liberty and love.

                                                                                              With Love, Artšamag