Mineral works, such as statues, jewel- boxes, various shape groupings of minerals, hangers for chains and angels, are used to clean the house, the space where they are located, and also to charge small items such as bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants, chains, medallions.

At the same time, they serve to help relax during meditation and astral travel. They will give you a feeling of love and peace, relaxation of the mind.
They clean the environment from negativity, waves and electromagnetic smog.

In the bedroom, they allow you to sleep comfortably and receive prana. They can also relieve pain.
They are like a beacon on a table for angels and the energies of love and happiness, and they will also caress your eyes and soul. They are as highly vibrating as paintings, full of light and love, radinating light at night.

As with paintings and pendants (angels), by purchasing this work you will increase the frequency of your Being, light and love, and by spreading information about Artšamag and his ability to help, you will increase your charisma.