Angels from Artšamag, which are made of minerals, are full of love, light, and the energy of the universe that helps to heal, cure, and get you rid of the pain. They can cleanse you sins from the past lives, and also from this life. These protective angels have a high vibration of love that together with the energy of Jesus Christ will provide you with the protection of your whole Being. The angels harmonize your whole chakra system, and especially the heart chakra. They will purify the subtle energies of the etheric body and open the chakras, therefore, your whole Self will rise to higher levels of love, compassion, empathy, goodness, joy and happiness.

Whether angel as a necklace or angel as a painting, will help you increase the frequency of your being, which is the only thing why we are here. To increase the frequency and to bring more love into our souls. His angels and paintings will shine at night, so you can know his energy is always with you.
When you look at them, you will be reminded of Artšamag's words, and the feelings and love that you felt.
Light is love, and love is healing. When there's no love, illness takes the place. And since his angels are full of love, they will lead your soul to the light. So when the time comes, the soul will know it should go to the light, thanks to the love of those angels, and the energy they radiate.

Artšamag can make an angel especially for your personality, with the minerals that you need.
It's your protective angel, so while wearing him, you will feel protected, satisfied, and full of love and energy. They will make your life easier, because they will help you to listen to your soul, and not your mind.

If some mineral falls from your angel, it means that it cleansed you by absorbing the negativity. If that happens, you can take the fallen mineral and bury it into the ground, or throw it into the ocean. And then, come to Artšamag with your Angel, and he will replace the fallen mineral with a new one, always for free. His angels will provide you with neverending cleansing process.