6. chakra AJNA- Third eye chakra

(Guru Chakra3. eye, Shiva's eye)

Ajna is a psychic center - the center of the will, and is astrologically associated with Jupiter. 

Endocrine gland of Ajna is pituitary gland, and by its activity it controls other glands with internal secretion, as a "conductor" it ensures their harmonious interplay.

Center- on the forehead between the eyebrows

It belongs to the sixth plane called tapa lok, where purification and burning of karma takes place.
It has two petals representing the nadis Ida and Pingala:

1. क्षं ham: Left petal - Ida - moon

2. हं ksham: Right petal - Pingala - sun

The circle represents emptiness- Sunyata शून्यत. (emptiness, nothingness, insignificance, relativity) It is the central concept of the ontology of Mahayana Buddhism. It is the essence of own being of all reality.
The inverted triangle represents Shakti - creativity and manifestation.
At the top of the chakra is the Black Shiva Lingam, representing the astral body.

Ajna is located on top of the spine and is connected to the pineal gland. Cleaning the pineal gland ensures proper function of the pituitary gland, so this chakra affects the whole body. (Artšamag can provide this cleaning for free in Gran Canaria, or from a distance through a photo)

Ajna is the center where 3 nerve pathways meet:
Ida, Pingala and Shushumna (three rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati - people believe that every 12 years when the sun is in the sign of Aquarius, the bath has a cleansing character)

After the awakening of Ajna:
- one perceives intuitively without using the mind, through the 6th sense and with a feeling of surrender
- one has a perfect balance of intellect and intuition
- free from volatile minds, ignorance and lack of discernment
- understanding the law of cause and effect
The selfish intellect bows to an ethically higher mind and the power of decision-making.

When kundalini arrives in this chakra, consciousness without thoughts brings blissful silence, which is the heart of creation - a person is in direct contact with the Creator and receives commands from him. (Artšamag is led by a Creator and came to this island Gran Canaria to create his works, which will help you by love, healing, redemption, enlightenment, protection, forgiveness and increasing the frequency of Being.)
It is a rebirth undergoing the knowledge of death, where the ego disintegrates into a million fragments.
A person enters a state of Shunyata - the emptiness - absolute nothingness.
According to Jesus Christ, a person is resurrected and reborn into a new consciousness of the inner Self.
Karma is the result of past acts of the ego, and oneness with the spirit leads one beyond the ego, where he is purified of the remnants of imperfection and karma is burned.
God's compassion is expressed by our forgiveness, even if the person is not affected by our forgiveness...but we still break the shackles and our energy no longer leaves us.

"Aham Brahm Asmi" - I am oneness with the Deity. This is the essence of the whole doctrine of this tradition, which is like a guide on a map, which indicates that what one does is for his spiritual development and ultimately realizes that there is only one reality, namely his oneness with the Divine, which manifests itself as everything.
Feel grateful to those who criticized you and made your life uncomfortable.

Ajna gives the power of consciousness and discernment, which should be crowned with compassion.
Do good deeds so that you can pay your debts.

The blocked sixth chakra on the psychic level manifests itself in selfishness, the need to control others, the inability to oversee the situation, the rejection of spiritual knowledge, and the preference for rational thinking.
By opening the mystical eye, on the contrary, we begin to understand the deeper connections in our lives.

The ruling Deity of the central chakra is the Lord Jesus Christ representing forgiveness and resurrection. (Artšamag has the gift of energy of Jesus Christ, which he puts in his works - angels made of minerals)

The left side of the chakra is Lord Mahavira - it represents the subconscious - superego. It is governed by the principle of perfection: it "wants" to be perfect from the point of view of society and acts consciously and unconsciously. It arises from the influence of education or the environment that affects us and tries to civilize us in accordance with the standards of the society in which we grow up. It is our experienced inner morality, or also our conscience.
Positive aspects of the left side: memories, influences from the past
Negative aspects of the left side: addictions, wanting to be pampered

The right side of the chakra is Lord Buddha, representing the ahanakara - the ego. It's governed by the principle of reality and balances the action of the emotions: social (superego) and instinctual (id). It's conscious and unconscious and the result of its activity is our behavior. It is self-awareness, awareness of one's identity, distinguishing oneself from one's environment.
Positive aspects of the right side: sight, hearing and thoughts, behavior
Negative aspects ofthe right side: worries, bad attitudes towards others, misconceptions about God, inappropriate associations and restless eyes

Represents: higher level of consciousness, chakra of the mind: dreams, survival of small everyday events, reflections on the future

Sense: all the senses, extrasensory perception - the third eye, intuition

Affects: ear and eye activity, hypothalamus, nerves

Closed by: fear of the future, disobeying and distrust of your self, fear of seeing, hearing and feeling the things around us, following our ego and mind, calculating, insidiousness

Associated diseases: headache, blindness, deafness, brain lesions, psychological imbalance

Recommended minerals: crystal, diamond, lapis lazuli, sodalite, moldavite, chrysocolla, celestine, kyanite, labradorite

Examples of diseases caused by closed third eye chakra:

- you feel exhausted, oppressed, depressed, hormonally unbalanced, emotionally empty, confused
- you feel memory impairment, fear, instability
- you feel threatened
- it's hard for you to make a decision
- you are constantly changing your opinions

- you neglect the main computer of your body by downloading psychological viruses in the form of negative thoughts, worries and stress
- you are out of control, you are depressed, bored, numb, uninterested, sorrowful and sleepy
- you feel that your mind is obscured, distracted, clueless or confused

- you feel trapped inside a limited world and frustrated by your dependence on others
- you feel as if others are preventing you from doing something and that they are looking at you from above
- you want to develop further, to show your creativity and geniality
- you are afraid of ridicule, exclusion or humiliation
- you don't know how to learn to listen to your intuition

Nervous breakdown
- you are unable to manage life
- there is inner unrest and confusion in you
- People are asking too much of you
- you feel overwhelmed, tense and hopeless
- you feel intense anger and fear
- you are disappointed in yourself
- you give up, you feel like you have failed

- interruption of communication, the right messages are not passed to you
- you're not listening to yourself
- you are not connected to yourself and others
- concerns for assessment and rejection
- you feel as if you have to impress someone or be liked by someone
- you feel insecure about yourself and your abilities
- you are afraid of failure
- you are not able to trust

Cerebral palsy
- you don't feel comfortable in life at all
- you are stiff and cramped
- you can't express yourself
- you cannot live comfortably in the body that has been given to you, it is beyond your control
- you feel overwhelmed from birth
- you are convinced that life is a struggle, uncontrollable and unpredictable