7. chakra SAHASRARA- Crown chakra

Sahasrara means "thousand petaled".

It has 1,000 petals, symbolizing the full flowering of consciousness.
It's located on the top of the head.

This chakra is the upper terminal point of Sushumna nadi, the central channel.
From Sahasrara the nectar of immortality (Amrita) flows in a constant stream.

The Sahasrara chakra is the seat of the parabindu (supreme prison).
It is the site of the union of Kundalini Shakti and Shiva. By this union, the person achieves lifelong liberation, which is in Indian life considered as the highest experience: the union of the individual with the universe. In this state there is no activity of the mind, no knowledge, nothing that should be known: knowledge and the known, everything has been united and liberated.

Sahasrara expresses a connection to the divine principle, openness and realization of our spiritual essence. Samadhi - enlightenment, realization of the Absolute.

When the energy begins to activate in this chakra, you begin to be interested in spiritual self-realization, you meditate, you think about the Supreme. 

When this chakra is completely opened, you experience the spiritual joy of samadhi, and other chakras and their rotation harmonizes, you need nothing at all, you don't cling to any feelings or thoughts, and the consciousness of ego (I - "avidya") is gone and you know that you form oneness with the world around you. You will achieve nirvana, enlightenment, self-awareness and cosmic consciousness.

Its positive aspect is to go beyond the 3 states of Being- Gunas.
Guna is the quality of cosmic energy, the quality of material nature.
The three gunas affect all beings, and on the level of material nature can nothing exist outside of them. Everyone has them, people, animals, even plants, but their ratio is different.

There are three gunas: tamas, rajas and sattva.

1.Tamas - the lowest of the three gunas
                - it manifests itself from darkness, gravity, ignorance, delusion
                - it obscures knowledge and keeps us in ignorance
                - some of the qualities are: inertia, inactivity, dullness, lethargy, guilt, doubt, shame, addiction...
                - it is the force of spontaneous grasping
                - the fruit of tamas is ignorance.

2.Rajas - an innate inclination or characteristic that controls movement, energy, and activity
              - the quality of rajas contains a tendency towards activity and rational thinking, which is focused on pleasures
              - the fruit of rajas is pain
              - greed arises from rajas

3.Sattva - the highest of the three gunas
                 - by being pure, its supporting health and enlightenment, and binding human beings to happiness and knowledge
                 - sattvic joy arises through meditation, service to others and purification of the physical and subtle bodies
                 - it's the quality of goodness, positivity, light, truth, composure, balance, serenity, and virtue
                 - the fruits of sattva are good deeds

Those with a predominance of Sattva are going up, in the middle remain those with a predominance of Rajas, but those with a predominance of the lowest guna Tamas descend into darkness.
Who overcomes these three Gunas that control the body is freed from birth, death, aging and pain, and becomes immortal.

Krishna said:  "He, who is fixed in himself, doesn't notice the gunas, they don't disturb him and is untouched by them. He knows they're the Gunas that acts. He, who looks the same at joy and pain, the stone and gold, the praise and disgrace, and who is the same in happiness and unhappiness. He, who is the same in honor and disgrace, the same to friend and enemy and acts regardless of the outcome. Know that he freed himself from the influence of the Gunas."

Negative aspect: unbelief in God

Represents: silence and cosmic consciousness, and manifests as vibrations and a cold breze

Organ: brain

Closed by: distrust of your self, fear of curse, self-curse, opening to fear of death, doubt of your memory, fear of failure

Associated diseases: insomnia,tics, frustrations, visions e.g. ghosts, mental illness, Parkinson's or Alzheimer's Disease, schizophrenia

Minerals: kunzite, charoite, amethyst, sugilite, fluorite, smoky quartz, celestine

Examples of diseases caused by closed crown chakra:

- you are dissatisfied, unhappy, unfulfilled with life
- you erase painful memories
- you don't want to deal with the past
- too many unresolved problems and suppressed emotions

Down syndrome
- the choice to incarnate and experience spontaneity, inner freedom and natural emotions
- you are here to learn how to free yourself from the pressure of society
- children with Down syndrome can teach parents boundless love, openness and emotional freedom
- as this syndrome can cause one to hide, be dependent on others and bring to the surface feelings of helplessness, aggression, uncontrollability and anxiety, it is important that these children feel the safety, love and affection witch they desire

- you feel like they are attacking you, criticizing you and that you are doomed to fulfill your destiny
- you are not in balance with life
- you feel neglected, abused, abandoned, unwanted, disgraced
- you are convinced that there is something wrong with you

Alzheimer disease
- loss of strength, inability to cope with life, too many repressed emotions
- life burdens you, you feel like running away to another time
- you don't want to remember or be in the current situation
- you feel lost and confused
- anxiety associated with living real life
- you are afraid of death and giving up on something

Parkinson's disease
- you have an internal contradiction in you
- traumatic experiences you have not yet come to terms with
- you have lost touch with your feelings
- you don't have time for yourself at all
- you feel as if you have failed, been useless, unworthy of love, underappreciated
- fear, uncertainty, inflexibility, resistance, control
- loss of hope, unfulfilled expectations, guilt
- you try to please others, but you are unaccepted
- you have a broken soul

- inability to relax
- you don't feel safe and you can't get something out of your head and let it be
- you worry, you always repeat everything in your mind, you analyze situations
- you feel distracted, frightened, anxious, alert
- you hide feelings of guilt and anger

Brain tumor
- you are at odds with yourself
- you are surrounded by negativity and instability
- you blame yourself for mistakes made in the past
- you feel trapped or unmanageable and you don't know how to change it