4. chakra ANAHATA- Heart chakra 

In Sanskrit- unhurt, unstruck, unbeatenIt 

The basic principle of anahata is devotion.
Anahata is associated with balance, peace and serenity, and expresses unconditional love and the ability of compassion and forgiveness.

It's located on the inside of the back, right in the middle of the chest. 
It has 12 petals with Sanskrit syllables depicting the 12 divine qualities of the heart.

1. Kam:                 bliss

2. Kham:               peace

3. Gam:                 harmony

4. Gham:               love

5. Ngam:               understanding

6. Cham:               empathy

7. Chham:            clarity

8. Jam:                  purity

9. Jham:                unity

10. Nyam:            compassion

11. Tam:               kindness

12. Tham:             forgiveness

Even more commonly, systems of understanding identify these vrittis as corresponding with various reflexive modifications away from the indifferentiated divine mind, each one considered as arising from spiritual ignorance: 

1. asha:  wish, desire, hope                                       hope
2. cinta:  thoughtfulness, anxiety                             worry
3. cesta:  effort                                                            endeavor
4. mamta possessiveness, fondness                     affection
5. dhamba:  arrogance, vanity                                  vanity
6. viveka discrimination                                          discernment
7. vikalata:  languor                                                   depression
8. ahamkara:  conceit, egoism, pride                      self-identity
9. lolata covetousness, avarice                              selfishness
10. kapatata duplicity, hypocrisy                           duplicity
11. vitarka indecision, argumentativeness          contention
12. anutapa:  regret, burning misery                      compunction

The shape of the hexagon represents the element air. It is intertwined with two triangles.

One triangle is consciousness - Shiva
The inverted triangle is creativity - Shakti
The eternal flame (akhanda jjoti) in the middle represents the soul - jivatman.

The animal symbol of this chakra is antelope - it represents acumen, resourcefulness, gentleness, grace, and innocence.

Under manipura, one is controlled by parabdha- karma, and his life is predestined.
In manipura, we gain control over our destiny, but it remains under the influence of parabdha - karma.
Anahata is associated with the ability to make decisions outside the realm of karma. In Manipura and below, man is bound by the laws of karma and destiny. In Anahata, one makes decisions ("watches one's heart") on the basis of the higher self, not on unfulfilled emotions and desires of a lower nature.

All thoughts, whether positive or negative, will come true. We have to be vigilant like an antelope to avoid negative thinking.
When this chakra awakens, there is a significant shift in thinking, affecting daily events.
If a person imagines success, he will be successful...and if he imagines doom, he will be doomed.
Don't surround yourself with negative people and don't feel guilty. 

Upon awakening, one ceases to identify with the body, mind and feeling.
One becomes an Atman- a pure-hearted spirit.
They learn to respect mothers and fathers and realize that we ourselves choose parents. Pure love is abstract and acts unconditionally, flowing like a river.
When we get rid of stubbornness and remove the protective shield, we can empathize and understand others.
Psychic abilities make it possible to hear the sounds of the higher world, to become an inspired artist, to achieve perfect health, and the ability to heal others. To live calmly in all circumstances.

Anahata generates creativity and fine art.

Represents: existence, love, truth, attention, joy

Negatives: extreme physical and mental activity, bad relationships with mother, unbelief in God

Color: green, also pink and gold 

Sense: touch

The ruling deity: Mr.Shiva and Atman- Spirit

Organs: heart, lungs, skin, cardiovascular system

Closed by: hate, rage, inability to forgive, sadness

Associated diseases: heart problems, heart failure, heart valve diseases, hypertension, arrhythmia, lung diseases, respiratory problems

Recommended minerals: green tourmaline, pink tourmaline, aventurine, rose quartz, rhodochrosite, olivine, emerald, kunzite, chrome diopside

Examples of diseases caused by closed heart chakra:

Hypertension - high blood pressure
- it boils inside of you, you feel guilty, you long for revenge
- you hold hatred, fury and anger inside of you
- you feel too much mental pressure, there are too many demands on you
- you want to be popular, you try to satisfy others to get their attention and praise

Problems with blood circulation
- you feel stiff, inaccessible, restrained, as if you were constantly walking in a circle without any change
- you allow others to make important decisions and then blame them if something doesn't work
- you're afraid to take risks
- you do everything the way you were taught, instead of trying something new

Lungs cancer
- you are too hard on yourself and others
- you have too many expectations, you feel disappointment, loneliness, bitterness, sadness, and anger
- you holdin you the pain of a broken heart or guilt from a difficult relationship, or a relationship in which you have been abused
- you are not able to forgive and get it out of your head
- you tend to always be in the last place, exaggerate everything, and exhaust all your energy

If we sincerely feel sorry for someone who has cancer, it is as if we have accepted this new test and asked for this experience (I want this) in our life plan. Immediately with pity, fear or reluctance to live and not realizing that the person we feel sorry for got cancer in order to "wake up"(or so that his soul can leave quickly and not waste time in this world, so that it can increase the frequency of Being in the next life, since he failed in this body and awareness because he didn't realize his Self and lived in hendonistic life and fear), we will get cancer within 2 years.

The only reason we are here is to be happy and accept everything in love and humility, because if we are humble we don't need anything.
We accept and find good even in a difficult situation - a test.

If we enjoy the happiness of others, and if we give love, understanding and everything from the heart, everything will come back to us many times.
If we are kind, humble, charismatic, and able to forgive ourselves and others, we will increase the frequency of our Being.

In this chakra, the most important thing is to be able to forgive from the heart and send love.

From the bottom of your heart, say:

"-name of the person you want to forgive-, I give you freedom, liberty and love." (by this, we cut the bond of escape of our energy)

If we constantly think about a harm from a close person, then we subconsciously send them our energy. We weaken the heart- heart chakra. = dull pain between the shoulder blades.
With a long-term feeling of hatred towards a close person, we will at least cause ourselves a weakening of the heart.

If we forgive them, we will cut the bond, our energy will stay with us, and within 24- 48 hours, they will subconsciously feel that our energy is no longer flowing to them, so they will want to connect again. They will contact us and want to provoke us again to connect and get our energy.