5. chakra VISHUDDHA- Throat chakra

(purification center) 
Vishuddha = pure

It is associated with communication, self-expression and creativity using sound.

Vishuddha is located in the middle of the lower part of the neck.
It has 16 petals with Sanskrit vowels:

1. अ         a

2. आ        ā

3. इ           i 

4. ई           ī

5. उ          u

6. ऊ         ū

7. ऋ          ṛ

8. ॠ          ṝ

9. ऌ          ḷ

10. ॡ        ḹ

11. ए        e

12. ऐ        ai

13. ओ      o

14. औ      au

15. अः      ḥ

16. अं       ṃ

Inside the chakra is a celestial blue triangle pointing downwards, which contains a circular white area as full moon, which represents the etheric realm (Akasha), opening the gate to liberation through purity and control.
The silver crescent is the lunar symbol of nada, the pure cosmic sound.

One can imagine- visualize oneself sitting on an elephant that is taking you from the lower to the higher consciousness with the support of seven basic minerals representing the 7 trunks of the elephant, which is a symbol of strength, prosperity and luck.

The throat chakra is a spiritual bridge to the higher world.

When something impure goes into the mouth, it pollutes the body. But if something impure comes out of your mind, then it pollutes the soul. We must strive to have clear thoughts and clear speech.
Vishuddha expresses the ability to communicate directly. Because you know yourself, you are aware that you are a divine creation - a spiritual being. You know your nature, your feelings, you experience true spiritual love, your words have great power. You can express your emotions and your thoughts truthfully, it is a bridge between thoughts and feelings. When you are happy, laughter comes from your throat. When you are angry, there are screams and swearing.

Through the neck chakra we express everything: laughter, crying, feelings of joy, fear, anger, love, desires...thoughts, opinions and perceptions of our world. Communication of our inner life with the outside is through the spoken word, gestures, facial expressions, artistic expressions (dance, drawing, music...)
Try to harmonize the chakra so that you always think seriously about what you are saying and say what is true.
If everything works as it should, you can express your opinions freely and without fear, and people will listen to them. You can listen to others as well. Your communication with the environment reflects what is the "inner truth".
If the chakra doesn't work enough, you can't articulate your thoughts and feelings, you often resort to lying, maybe even stuttering.
When there is too much energy in it, you are loud, you talk a lot, but your words are empty and no one cares.
Start to really love yourself, don't lie to yourself to "reshape" your inner truth. It will not work, and not only that others will not believe it, but you yourself will not believe it.

There is a strong relationship between the throat and the sacral chakra.
While the throat chakra is the center of higher creativity, the sacral chakra is the center of physical creativity or reproduction. A strong throat chakra means that the sacral chakra will also be strong. This is why very creative people have strong sex urges. However, a strong sacral chakra doesn't mean that the throat chakra will also be strong.

Visuddha and Ajna correspond to the psychic body.
The Visuddha chakra is internally connected to the Bindu - an additional chakra - between the 6th and 7th centers.
In Bindu, the Divine fluid is created - nectar (AMRIT) - that rejuvenates the body.
When this chakra is awakened, it begins to spread throughout the body. The degenerative aging process stops.
And with the awakening of the turtle nerve (Kurma nadi), one gains the ability to live without food and drink.
When the kundalini goes through the throat chakra, a person begins to be merciful to all because he knows that we are all creatures of circumstances and victims of our own ignorance.

Death, guilt, sarcastic attitude, vulgarity, coldness - bronchitis, swearing, ridicule, insults, slander, seeking satisfaction in smoking as an escape from reality.
(excessive stress, specifically fear and fear of talking, affects the throat chakra and thyroid problems may occur)

Awakening is victory over the negatives and awareness of the positive.
A shift from the intellectual level to a deeper level that brings peace of mind and understanding of the past with great awareness.
It helps to see the present and predict the future.
Expanding consciousness and discernment tells us what to do and what to avoid.
Ability to understand the thoughts of others. 

Represents: collective consciousness, attitudes, balance of male and female personality, accepting pleasant and unpleasant things

The ruling deity: Lord Krishna - the eternal witness with Radha
                                left side - Krishna's sister Vishnumaya - represents brotherly and sisterly relations
                                right side - Bal Krishna - as a child he represents the positive inner Divine Self (conscience - soul)

Sense: hearing

Element: ether- a symbol of purity and emptiness of the universe

Organ of knowledge: ears

Organ of proceedings: vocal cords

Affects: shoulders, face, ears, mouth, teeth, thyroid, endocrine, hormonal and immune system, vocal cords, bronchi

Associated diseases: immune problems, thyroid and parathyroid disorders, neck and jaw problems, also pharynx, larynx and sinus problems, speech disorders, lymphatic system disorders

Recommended minerals: chalcedony, aquamarine, aventurine, larimar, turquoise, tyrkenite, disten, chrysokol, azurite

Examples of diseases caused by closed throat chakra:

- the constant repetition of the same constant destructive habits
- you are stressing and tormenting yourself, frowning, limiting, and have no connection with your heart and soul
- you are afraid of rejection
- you do not use the opportunity to really get to know yourself, you limit your ability to face difficult situations
- you're afraid of losing your face

- lack of understanding, closed mind, limited ideas
- you have a negative attitude, you say things that hurt others, you criticize, condemn, spread rumors and gossip
- you worry too much, you don't give yourself enough love and care
- you eat junk food
- you hate yourself

- you cover your ears from what you don't want to hear
- you do not listen to your inner counselor and your wisdom
- you hold anger, frustration, accusations and guilt within you
- you hear people badly, or you misunderstand people
- you refuse to change your decisions or broaden your horizons
- you feel an imbalance, you feel dizzy, you do not realize some things, or they put you out of balance

- you cannot communicate, you have low self-esteem, you doubt yourself, you are harming yourself
- you feel insensitive and misunderstood, kept under control, scared, frustrated, stiff, and that you don't deserve good things in life
- you are at odds with yourself and you are constantly changing your mind
- you are not able to trust people
- you are depressed, sad, hopeless, uncreative and uninspired
- you think you have no choice

- stress, frustration, fear of the future
- you are not able to show emotions, especially love
- you feel cut off from life, angry, critical
- you feel like life is unjust