This shop can be also called a sanctuary, because it's a sacred place full of colors, minerals, and positive energy.
It's the place where Artšamag is helping people, and also selling his works- jewelry and paintings from minerals.

He will explain to you how are your emotions causing you health problems, open your chakras, and help you to find the right path in your life. He will also tell you what minerals are the best for you.

His pendants- angels, will give you protection and love, help you to listen to your soul and heart, and they will keep your chakras in balance. They will help you to live your dream life full of love, health, satisfaction, self-confidence and success.

After the diagnosis of the chakras, which is for free, he can choose you the most suitable Angel, or create a new one, especially for you. Or you can take the one you fall in love with. Buying an angel or painting will not only give you protection, but it will also increase your charisma.

In this place, except from opening your 3rd eye and other chakras, you can come to a Self realization, and change your life to better, living in love and humility.

Our shop is located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, on the street Bernardo de la Torre, 55.

Opening hours are:
Tuesday to Saturday: 12:00 - 19:00
Monday and Sunday: closed

But of course, if you want to come before the noon, you can write us a message at least one day before, write us the day and time when you want to visit our shop, and we will come there!

Phone number: +34 690 720 025 (you can write on What'sApp as well)

We will be very happy if you will come to visit us, and give your soul a chance to increase the frequency of your Being.