We offer for sale Artšamag's flat on the island of Gran Canaria.

Location: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Costa Ayala
Street: Mar Azul 7
Apartment: C2, second floor
Orientation: south

3 rooms
2 bathrooms
1 laundry room

Area: 85m²
Garage + storage room: 12m²

Price: 139 000 €

The flat is in perfect condition, with newly painted walls, with modern furniture, a new electric hob and stove. It is located 5 km west of the capital Las Palmas. Near the apartment building is a grocery store, organic shop, and pharmacy. About 200 m from the apartment are beautiful cliffs. There is also a bus stop, football field, playground, etc. nearby.

After buying the flat, a one-time 5.5% tax is paid according to Modelo 600.

Community fees:
  Flat            28,67 € / month
  Garage     7.25 € / month (if you don't have a car, you can rent your parking place for at least 40 € per month)

Electricity        40.00 € / month      140 kWh
Water              15.00 € / month       approx. 10 m³

The year-round temperature is very ideal, around 17 - 30 ° C, depending on the season. Ideal for relaxation and hiking. There are modern malls and designer shops.

In the flat, there are 4 energetic walls created by Artsamag connected with the universe, which cleanse the energy of the flat and support vitality.

All the creations of everything I touch, think about or create, carry the energy of the universe. Prana - the energy of unconditional love, which is the basis of light and spiritual growth of our souls. 

The paintings are other generators, that can be moved.

The walls in the flat are a part of the flat as a whole in harmony according to the feelings of angels and Beings of light. At the entrance in the corridor, there is a strong frequency of purification of emerald color, gold, silver and pearl. It was applied with a spatula which I hold in my hands, and through the palm they transferred the energy, because the palms, feet, coccyx and head are the reception and transmission of energy. Also our aura and energy nodes- the chakras. This means that the energy of the universe passes through my palms directly to the wall and the paint, which I applied with several layers in a row. Each layer is a multiplication of energy.

Description of the paintings in the flat: The corridor and the entrance are in green heart color, which brings love and self-love. There is also a painting with glitter, with gold, silver and pearl colors. The painting is cleansing curses and negative energies. It cleanses people entering the flat, and oneself from lost souls.
The red color in the living room is the basis for healing and opening the root chakra of fear - coccyx and excretion - helps with addictions, gluttony, smoking, gambling, alcohol, drugs, fear for money, property, and fear of death. The living room was created at a time of inspiration from the lava during the eruption of the volcano La Palma. It is a strong carrier of energy, encouragement and support, blood purification and strengthening of the legs and feet. It takes away pain and gives strength.

The kitchen is of orange to yellow color, also with pearl. This painting supports digestion and the sacral chakra. It stimulates the libido and creates harmony between the soul and the ego. It helps to inspire the creation of meals, which with its radiating vibration fills it with an energy charge that supports the digestive organs and sexuality. 

A pastel-colored bedroom with a strip of metallic colors and glitter. This wall was created with a spatula for several days. It is the harmony of the soul and the universe, it helps with sleep and vitality. It brings peace, love, light and romance. This wall is the strongest, because it has the most important role - to purify the etheric body, to signal the third eye with the connection of our soul to the universe and Beings of light. It helps us to astrally move to a predetermined location or be carried away by Beings of light as they cleanse our etheric and physical bodies. It supports energy and prana. Prana deacidifies our body and thus comes healing on the cellular essence of regeneration. This flat can cleanse a person that lives here for a long time from the vaccine and connect them again to the universe through the third eye. With a short-term stay, it regenerates, strengthens and gives harmony, vitality, love and zest for life. All the works created by me will be of incalculable value after the information to the world of what I am gifted with. 

It is the best possible investment in spirituality and real estate.