Spiritual healing with minerals 
- opening of the chakras
- cleansing of the etheric body
- energy of universe and the power of minerals
- cleansing from karma - recurring problems
- increase of the frequency of Being
- help with pain and diseases
- acceleration of wound and fracture healing

Cleansing of the crown chakra from lost souls 
(frequent headaches, sleep problems)

Meditation with the support of minerals and energy of Artsamag 

Cleansing of the curse and self-curse 

This room is healing, supported by the artwork of God's eye and the infinite energy flowing through Artshamaga, which amplifies the effects of minerals when placed on the client, combining the frequency of scents, essential oils, music and affirmations, where one cleanses oneself of negativity, gets rid of cycles harm, and where he is assisted on a mental, physical and etheric level. The energy nodes (chakras) are opened, the subtle body is cleansed and the regeneration of the organism is started, by changing the environment from acidic to alkaline, and the brain sends the cells the information "we have the conditions, regenerate".
The energy of the universe is a strongly healing, unconditional love. After receiving this energy, one increases the frequency of Being, rejuvenates a little and becomes vital. This energy can shorten the healing time of wounds, injuries, fractures, can relieve pain, such as joints, knees, or headaches, promotes sleep, and cleanses the harmful effects of drugs and vaccines. After purification, a person can receive much more energy from the universe - prana, with the support of a pendant made of minerals, which are connected with the university.
In this special place, except from opening the third eye and other chakras, you can come to Self-awareness and change your life for the better, living in love and humility.