Thanks to Mário - The chosen from heaven

Every person in the world is unique . Each of us could write a book about experiencing in our lifetime, what strange happened to us and we didn't understand why ...But only The chosens can answer many unexplained happenings in our lives. For us, ordinary mortals, the healing with energy given from heaven is inconceivable. But once we experience it, we will fully feel the power of energy.I am from Slovakia, from Košice. I have visited the Pyramid, which Mario built on his own. When I first entered to this heavenly beauty, I felt a special peace in my soul. My eyes couldn't get the beauty of the minerals and chakra depictions.I had a health problem, I broke my collarbone, and I was hospitalized. I immediately sent a text message to Mário from the hospital. He was right next tomy, taking my pain. He was with me during surgery. Doctors and nurses were surprised that I didn't need any medication. But Mário warned me, that something went wrong during the operation and there would be a some problem with my shoulder. He was right, I couldn't raise my hand properly and didn't have the strength in it either. We agreed with Mário that I would visit him again. Mário lit candles, I lay down on the couch. He overlaid me with stones and relaxing music was playing. I can't describe, what I felt. During that, I first felt huge pain, but she finally left. But I haven't felt any improvement for two days. Eventually my hand began to relax. I felt both strength and mobility.In another situation, where I asked him for help, were my daughter's two births. Just before giving birth I wrote him an SMS and Mário joined the daughter and the baby. The first granddaughter, 2.5 years ago, had two time a cord wrapped around her neck. Mário helped her with first breath. As well he helped her with atopic eczema. Everything is fine today. During second childbirth of my granddaughter he was again with us. He took a lot of pain from my daughter and everything was fine. Many thanks to him. My father died this year. Mario was wth him last months and days. Mario helped me with request not to die in the hospital but at home, where he could say goodbye to his family and the house he built himself.Mario is still with me and my loved ones. In times when we pray to God and ask for help. We his paintings at home and the Angels of love, that we still carry. They help us daily with the power they emit. They attract good and drive away evil. I love them, I believe in the healing power of Mário he received from God He is simply The chosen

Alžbeta E.

My first meeting with Mario was to help my son and at that time, I had no idea how he would help me and my daughter. She was the one that introduced me to Mario. I will return to the first meeting where Mario explained to us how chakras work in our body, about energy and how we hurt ourselves with our behavior. Even then I felt the power of his energy, though I still didn't understand what was going on. Our visits have become regular because of the son. Gradually, I realized that our lives were changing for the better, family relationships were very complicated, but they changed for the better. I will say only that much, it's a sensitive subject and I will keep the details for myself and Mario. I will share with you a specific health issue that affected me personally. I got a severe kidney inflammation. The left side was affected, ultrasound examination from urology showed a strong swelling of the left kidney. The doctor insisted on hospitalization, which I refused, so she prescribed me heavy medication, saying that until the next check-up / about 10 days / I should be on strict bed rest. I picked up the drugs from the pharmacy. I was in terrible pain, who has been in this situation knows what I'm talking about. That's when my cell phone rang, Mario called me to come to him immediately to help me. I admit I was a little skeptical, after all, swelling, inflammation as if he could help ....... and surprised how he knew, but that was explained immediately- my daughter called him. So I went straight to the sanctuary. Mario did what he had to, he banned me from medication prescribed by the doctor and he gave me instructions. I admit, I was a little worried and said nothing to anyone at home, but I followed everything as he commanded me. Even as I was leaving Mario the pain was much smaller, after 2 days I went to work and worked. I note without drugs. 10 days later I went for the check-up for urology, the doctor repeated the ultrasound. The kidney was okay, the results of the urine examination too. It was incredible for me. It confirmed in me the belief in Mario´s abilities to 100%. I never doubt his strength, the energy that he gives us with love and helps us. I asked him to make angels for all three of us and we wear them all the time. I have 3 of them, I could not resist as they are beautiful and full of love and energy. Before he left Slovakia, I asked him to paint a picture to hang in the living room and it is really beautiful, it radiated Mario's energy and love. Thank you Mario, with love and admiration L.

Ľudka K.

I would like to thank and recommend a beautiful person with a big heart, Mario, who helped me to get rid long-term anxiety depression and antidepressants too. My life turned 180 degrees and I got another chance to live normal life.
I would also like to thank for helping my mother who is being treated for Alzheimer's disease and Mario is helping her in an incredible way. It is unbelievable, but who does not experience it, will not believe. I'm glad I met Mario and therefore I recommend to anyone who has a health problem. Do not be afraid to contact him. He is very pleasant and flexible.
I will grateful forever ... Thank you for your being and for your help.

Romana S.

I met Mario at work. At first I didn't believe in his abilities so much, but I had a brother who needed help, so I sent him to Mário. When my brother told me he really felt better I visited Mário too. He helped me every time I wrote and needed energy because of any pain, cough or illness. I am grateful to him for everytime he helped me and also my loved ones. Thank you Mario. Danka

Danka K.

I met the unique spiritual person Artšamag.

His abilities are a gift from God.

I can thank him for his help, which has rid me a lot of health problems and ovarian cysts.

Vlasta G.

During hard times in my life, i visited Mario. He is amazing and miracle man. He changed my life from the base. After one session I felt more better and my life seemed to be brighter and more happier. He helped me in so many ways. With physical and mental health. He tried to do something like an operation and it was successful. Open chakras mean more for your balanced life than you can image. Thank you so much for everything.

Martina M.

Thank you for my daughter. She was thus exhausted from the preparation of her thesis. She was vomiting and her head was spinning. She was afraid she was not able to even come to the faculty. After asking Mário Kučera, she did everything in the evening. He sent 2 x energy and she didn't believe it passed after that. Mário Kučera. Thank you is a small word.

Magdaléna S.

During the most difficult moments of my life,Mario came.

I had very big health problems and I had strong inflammations in my body that repeated. The doctors couldn't help me.
Mario unlocked the chakras, helped me understand my life. He explained to me why these things were happening.
All angels sent him into my life. They knew why they were doing it. He saved my life.
I feel better today, but Mario is still helping me. I am grateful ! Angel from Slovakia

Nikola S.


I visited Mário, because I was in a difficult life situation and also i had health problems. I am very grateful to him for his help, he is a man with a big heart. He cleansed my chakras and relieved me of pain. He changed my life for the better and taught me what self-love is.


Janka Š.