Chakras are energy nodes that have the task of supplying energy to the endocrine gland, which supplies enzymes, proteins, and nutrients for the functioning of organs.

Emotion can affect the energy node- chakra. The negative emotion of fear can limit the inflow of cosmic energy and even close the chakra after a long-term fear, which causes acidification, inflammation, or disease of the organ or part of the body. The ego and wrongdoing interfere with our body, creating pain. That pain is for us information from our soul, our Divine Self.

That pain is supposed to guide us and change our attitude and approach to life, to realize our Self and the meaning of life- a life plan. We came here to learn how not to be afraid, and to be in love and humility, respect and charisma.

If we don't do so, and we are materilistic, full of indulgence, laziness, ignorance, envy, hatred and jealousy, we are doing wrong to our soul, our body, and especially to our surroundings and the plan of our journey through life. The chakras thus close and thus cause us problems that make us think about our actions, behavior and thinking.

We came here to increase the frequency of Being and get more love, light and charisma into our soul.
We must realize that our soul feels a light and unconditional love, which gives us power, wings and desire to create, help and heal others. We should be free, helpful, full of light and love, with devotion and charisma.

Each soul is at a certain level of frequency of light and love. Our soul feels the 100% love, unconditional love from God, and therefore wants to go higher, to reach a higher percentage of light, love and charisma. If it doesn't have the first three chakras closed, then the soul goes to the light, but only to a frequency equal to the soul. If a person has the first three chakras closed, then the soul does not go into the light, but remains on Earth.

Souls who have failed to increase their frequency, or who have not realized their Self and have fallen into indulgence and lived badly in their illusion of power and defamation, will take nothing with them after death, only fear and bad memories, the emotions of evil. And that is why those souls remain on Earth, clinging to materialistic things. They remain in cemeteries and hospitals, where they want to take control over any body. A soul that does not have a body is frustrated, so they are looking for people with a similar frequency. People who are frustrated and disgusted to live, attuned to a low frequency of frustration, fear, and distaste. This means that with our frustration we will attract those souls, because we have opened them a way, and we are vulnerable. The soul tries to persuade us to make bad decisions, whispers bad things to us and does everything in its power to take control over our body. When that soul occupies our body, it draws energy from our crown chakra, creating headaches, parkinson, alzheimer, and various mental illnesses. Artšamag can escort these souls from people and surroundings into the light, so that they can come again to increase the frequency of Being.

But with each new life comes a new test, which is needed to increase the frequency of the Being. The goal to pass this test is awareness, humility, forgiveness, love, and a feeling of happiness.

The soul chooses the parents. For example, it chooses parents without love, and the task- the test of this soul, is to find self-love.
Parents are always superior and paramount, and we must not blame them, or be angry with them, because we ourselves have chosen them to prepare us for the trial and understanding of life. To "hurt" us, guide us, and teach us a lesson. And we are then ready to realize the increase in the frequency of our Being.

Everything is already predetermined... parents, our exam, and our end. We must never be afraid and go back to the past, because the past evokes fear in us, and fear closes our chakras.

There isn't soul in the first and second chakra. It's connection to earth, and creativity. But in the 3rd chakra, solar plaxus, we begin to feel the soul. That's where manifest our decisions, direction.
Solar plexus = materialism and soul. Which of the two prevails, that's who we are. But if the soul and the materialism are fighting each other, we are nervous and have a problem with digestion.