The function of the chakras is to control and direct all aspects of our Being and to supply energy for the functioning of the organism: the organs and the nature of the Being.

They are based on Nadi - Ida, Pingala, Sushumna. They resemble arteries, veins, capillaries, bronchioles, nerves, lymphatic ducts, etc.

Prana = universe - Nadi flow

Nadi are cosmic vital, seminal, mental and intellectual channels.
They are important for feelings, consciousness and spiritual aura- Ethereal body.

Ida and Pingala = are the two hemispheres of the brain.
Ida nadi manages all mental processes.
Pingala nadi manages all important processes.

1. Ida- (Sasi)
 comfort, lunar energy
                       - channel on the left - woman
                       - the flow of energy begins from the 1st chakra muladhara

Ida is associated with lunar energy. Idā has a lunar nature and feminine energy with a cooling effect. It flows from the left testicle to the left nostril and corresponds to the river Ganges.

Weak left side: extremism, negative aspects apply, pressure on the brain and collapse, epilepsy, insanity
Positive aspects of nadi: the consequence is joy, happiness prevails

2. Pingala- (Mihira) - solar energy
                                     - is an extroverted (active) solar nadi
                                     - channel on the right - man
                                     - corresponds to the right side of the body and the left side of the brain

Pingala is associated with solar energy. The word pingala means "orange" in Sanskrit.
Pingala has a solar nature and masculine energy. It has a warming effect and flows from the right testicle to the right nostril. It corresponds to the Yamuna River. It represents the future and the higher consciousness.

Weak right side- negative aspects: selfishness, wanting to control, exaggeration, vanity, bigotry, asceticism
Strong right side: a person is egocentric, selfish and aggressive
Positive aspects of nadi: physical and mental activity, creativity and self-esteem

3. Sushumna- (Gunas) - medium channel
                                           - the flow of energy begins from the 1st chakra of the muladhara

Sushumna connects the root chakra with the crown chakra. It is important in yoga and tantra.
It is also a form of the moon, sun, fire, even water.
Represents: purity, presence, ignorance
It has only positive aspects: faith in your Self and revelation
When active, it evokes consciousness, virtue, and justice.